🦭SIGNIUS SEAL Server API Documentation

Bulk document processing: Qualified Electronic Sealing, Timestamping, Validation


This documentation presents the different methods in SIGNIUS SEAL API, how to use them, their parameters and other significant information about them.

Most methods require a JSON compatible input. Except timestamp and hash signing processes.

Each call to the REST method requires that the API key. API key must be added to the HTTP header

API-KEY: <your API Key>

To obtain your individual API key please contact us at connect@signius.eu

All methods except timestamp and hash signing are asynchronous


We have included all the necessary information you'll need to be successful in swagger. Check this URL for further details: https://sandbox-seal.signius.eu:8085/swagger/index.html

Postman collection

If you would like to receive a pre-build postman collection, please give us a quick mail: connect@signius.eu .

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