Preparing the Environment

Make sure the required versions of .NET are installed on your computer:

  • .NET runtime version 6.0.26 or another 6.x series

  • ASP.NET 6.0.0 Core - Shared Framework or other 6.x series

  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime – 6.0.26 or other 6.x series

SIGNIUS Seal Client installation

  • Download the SIGNIUS Seal Client installer from the official website or using the link provided by the manufacturer.

  • Run the downloaded installer and follow the steps displayed. Ensure that all required components are installed and configured according to the instructions.

License activation

  • After installation is complete, open the SIGNIUS Seal Configuration application.

  • Then go to the "License" tab.

  • In the "License" tab, find and copy the Hardware ID using the option available by left-clicking the mouse.

License generation

  • Go to the "License" tab in the SIGNIUS Seal Configuration application and send the copied Hardware ID to the software supplier (Vendora) to generate a license

  • Once you have received your license, please follow the provider's instructions to activate SIGNIUS Seal Client.

License installation

  • After receiving the license file, return to the SIGNIUS Seal Configuration application.

  • In the "License" tab, paste the received license and save the changes.

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