XML/XAdES Sealing

Configuration of the REST-based XAdES process

This documentation is intended to describe the configuration of the digital signature process using the SIGNIUS Seal Client application. Below is an example of process configuration for a REST-based XAdES signature.

Creation of a New Process

After connecting to the service, the user is automatically transferred to the Processes tab. To create a new process, click the green plus button.

Assigning a Process Name

In the process name field, enter XAdES, which will mean the process for signing .XML files.

Choosing a Communication Method

From the drop-down list in the form API field, we select REST, which means that communication with the signature service will take place via REST API.

Selecting the Signature Format

In the Signature format section, we select XAdES_BES from the drop-down menu, which is the signature format intended for .XML files.

Signature Detached selection

The signature is not built directly into the document, but is stored separately.

Saving the Process

After entering all the data, the process is saved using the floppy disk-shaped button.

Starting the Process

Go to the "Service Status" tab and run the service, which will allow you to sign documents.

Below is an example configuration for the XAdES process with the above data:

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