Logging in

Start up your SIGNIUS Harmony by klicking on the application icon


Enter your data you used to log into SIGNIUS Profesional platform, into fields "email" and "passowrd".

After a successful login, window will minimalize itself to tray. After clicking on the icon with the rigth mouse button, you will be able to change the language or close the app.


During logging in, you might see the following errors:

Incorrrect email or password

Check agein your credentials, if you forgot your password go to SIGNIUS Professional Portal and choose option "Forgot your password".

No available signiature packege

Log into SIGNIUS Profesional platform go to the settings panel, click "Qualified signatures" and buy package of Qualified signatures or enter a voucher code.

Identity verification is required

Log into SIGNIUS Profesional and go throught indentity verification. You can do this by clicking "Qualified signatures" on panel "My signatures".

Harmony access denied

In this case you have to contact your provider to the service.

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