PDF Documents


  1. Open the PDF file with Acrobat Reader. Select "All Tools" from the menu. Click "View more".

  2. Click "Use a cerificate".

  3. Click "Digitally sign".

  4. Read inforamtion about how to select an area of reprezentation of signature.

  5. Draw an area, where graphical reprezentation of signature following instructions from pop-up.

  6. Select your digital ID and click "Continue". If you can't see uour certificate make sure, that Harmony Desktop is running and click "Refresh".

  7. You will see graphical reprezentation of your signature. Sign document using the "Sign" button.

  8. Select destination of the signed file.

  9. Enter your OTP code (SMS token).

  10. After entering the code your document is singed. You can see graphical reprezentation of signature in place you choose eailer. Amount of qualified signatures on SIGNIUS Professional platform reduced by 1.

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