PDF Documents (PAdES in SECUREDOC)

  1. Open SecureDoc application.

  2. Choose PAdEX fromat in the "Signing" tab.

  3. To add a timestamp, go to "Settings" tab, click "Timestamp Settings" and enter timestamp server data. Alternatively you cen select a variant without timestamp.

  4. Add the file(s) by clicking "Add File" in the "Signing" Tab.

  5. You will see the list of your documents below. Select files to sign and click "Sign files".

  6. Click "Personal certificates", select your certificate and click OK. If you can't see uour certificate make sure, that Harmony Desktop is running and click "Refresh".

  7. Enter your OTP code (SMS token). This might show up two times.

  8. Click the stamp icon and select the area, where graphical reprezentation of signature will be located.

  9. Click "Sign" to sign the document.

  10. Enter the OTP code (SMS token). This might show up two times.

  11. After that, your document should be signed. On SIGNIUS Professional platform the amount of qulalified signatures will be reduced by the number of signed documents.

  12. Select the file and click "Show document" to display the signed file.

  13. You are able to download or print the signed document by clicking icons in the upper right corner.

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