💰Configuration options

There are several configuration options to choose from.

General parametersExplanation

Redirecting address (after signature)

To the given redirecting address the following parameters (identyfing process) can be added:

  • #email#

  • #folderId#

  • #timestamp#

Emails send-outs

  • Supported by Signius

  • Supported by BC (Client independently provides links that enable signees documents signing)

Simultaneous signing of all documents in a folder

  • Allows to sign simultaneously all documents in a folder (without any exception)

  • Allows to sign only selected documents

Incentive to set up SIGNIUS account

  • After signing, it displays a pop-up with information about the possibility of setting up SIGNIUS account

  • Without pop-up

Logo file

  • Signatures of the client's employees accompanied with the clients's company logo

  • Without logo

API parametersExplanation

API account - email address

It requires providing the email address for the API account

API account - mobile number

It requires providing the mobile number for the API account

Callback URL

It requires providing URL onto which JSON will be sent (after document signing)

Callback signature options

  • Callback after each signature

  • Callback only after the last signature

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