🔍Getting Started


First you need to register and activate a test account on the SIGNIUS Professional Sandbox Environment.


Step 2

Please share your e-mail provided during the registration process above with us: business.support@signius.eu and let us know if you want to use a certificate or an API_KEY based authentication.

If you want to use your own certificate, please send the generated certficate (.cer) directly to: business.support@signius.eu.

Step 3

The test certificate or API_KEY will be assigned to your test email account by our team.

As a result, the mutual TLS authentication via SSL (mTLS) will be possible, so our system and yours could safely communicate with each other

Step 4

After obtaining the development account, use SIGNIUS API in a test mode e.g. through SWAGGER UI or POSTMAN.

Port 8970:

Communication encryption is secured by an SSL certificate, so to connect using port 8970, you need to use:



  • P12 and CER


  • P12

After contacting business.support@signius.eu, you will receive a POSTMAN collection (which will allow you to test our API via port 8970) and all other necessary files.

SWAGGER contains parameters and descriptions of all API endpoints.



Access to SWAGGER UI requires an authentication (mTLS – see Step 3 above).

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