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Folders allow documents upload. A folder can be created, named, or deleted by a signature initiator. Multiple documents in the folder can be signed within a single signing session.

Folders are visible for the signing initiator (so the owner of a folder) and all defined signees.

Moreover, one folder can store many documents at different signing stages.

However, signees are allowed to have an access and sign only documents being delegated for them within a folder.


It is a PDF file that is dedicated for signing. A document (PDF) can be uploaded, forwarded for signing (as a link) to another person, signed, deleted or downloaded through API.

Signature Types

There are three electronic signatures available on SIGNIUS Professional platform: ADVANCED, ADVANCED & KYC and QUALIFIED.

ADVANCED signature - phone number is validated (equivalent to EASY signature in our API).

ADVANCED & KYC signature - strong identity verification of a signee is obligatory e.g. through e-banking (equivalent to ADVANCED signature in our API).

QUALIFIED signature - uppermost identity verification of a signee is obligatory e.g. through a certified video-call or mobile app self-video (named also QUALIFIED signature according to our API).

Identity Verification

IDENTITY VERIFICATION is a process, which involves verifying the identity of an individual applying for a digital signature. SIGNIUS offers integrated verification technologies, which enable to verify the identity of a person immediately online. Our platform offers various &user-friendly identity verifications methods in multiple languages.

In the integration process there is also a possibility to choose test verification (this is an option allowing to skip a real identity check).

Moreover, as the data from the identity verification are stored, they can be either transferred, if requested.

Representation of signatures

In the signing process, the signature is embedded in the pdf document electronic layer. Besides that we allow to create the graphical representation of signatures.

There are two different options possible:

Visualisation on the first page of the document

In the sidebar of the first document page, a list of the persons who signed the document will appear along with the time of their signatures. If this option is chosen, it will not interferre with signatures (e.g. from other suppliers) already embedded in the file. This process does not modify the signed document.

Additional page at the end of the document

The page added at the end of the document will contain a list of all persons who signed the document along with the time of their signatures. If signatures have already been placed on the document before uploading it to SIGNIUS, we recommend not to add an additional page, because selecting this option will modify document and will result in invalidation of previously placed signatures.

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