Account settings

Available options in the account settings

In the gear wheel, in the top right of the page, is the Settings panel. In it you can perform the following actions:

  1. Change your password

  2. Change the language of the platform

  3. Change your data

  4. Add or change your own signature graphic symbol (uploading your own file, e.g. facsimile), which will be applied to all documents, for which the option "Self-indicated location" of graphic representation of the signature is selected

  5. Check if your documents are automatically deleted after 30 days (if you are in a team then this option is decided by the Administrator)

  6. Delete the account along with the folders and documents you have created

Deleting an account

To delete your account click the "Delete Account" button at the end of the account settings page. Then confirm the action with an SMS code sent to your phone number.


If you delete your account, the documents and folders you created will be deleted irretrievably and your data will be anonymized. All your signature packages will be deactivated regardless of their status. Renewal of any subscriptions will be automatically disabled.

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