Signing a document received for signature from the other person

You will receive information about the document to be signed by e-mail. Among other things, the e-mail will include the name and e-mail of the person who commissioned you to sign the document, as well as the name of the file.

To sign the document:

  1. Click the "Sign Now" button located in the e-mail.

  2. You will be redirected to the platform (to the login page). Log in.

  3. The screen will display the document(s) to be signed.

The signing process looks the same as described in this section (excluding the option to select a graphic representation of the signature, which is defined by the person ordering the document for signing).

  1. Select the document (or documents, if there are several) to be signed and click the button located in the lower right corner "Sign the selected documents".

    ā— NOTE: Before signing the document, review it by hovering the mouse over the card icon and clicking on the loupe icon that appears.

  2. In the next step, a screen with your data will appear - if it has not changed, confirm it by clicking the button "I confirm my data is up-to-date Sign the documents".

  3. You will receive an SMS code on your mobile phone, which you must enter on the screen.

The document is now signed.

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