In the SIGNIUS shop you can buy electronic signatures (qualified and advanced) in the form of VOUCHERS. You can buy signatures both for yourself, your contractors or employees to sign documents with them faster. Once purchased, simply pass the voucher to another person so they can sign the document(s) for free.

How does it work?

Electronic signatures in the SHOP are sold in the form of VOUCHERS for use on the SIGNIUS platform. Each VOUCHER is a one-time activation code that you will receive immediately after purchase to your e-mail address, along with brief activation instructions.

You can choose from a variety of qualified and advanced signature packages differing in the number of signatures and validity period - from a package of 5 qualified signatures for 24 hours, to annual packages for 1200 signatures.

How to buy electronic signatures on SIGNIUS website?

  1. Click the Shop button in the top Menu on our website.

  2. Select and add the signature packages of your choice to your cart (you will adjust the number of packages in the next step).

  3. Go to the Cart by clicking the icon in the top Menu.

  4. Adjust the number of packages.

  5. Enter your data and proceed. (If you want to receive an invoice, fill in all the indicated fields).

  6. After payment, you will receive VOUCHERS for the purchased signature packages for use on the SIGNIUS platform by e-mail, along with activation instructions.

How to activate a VOUCHER on the SIGNIUS platform?

You can activate a voucher in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a free account or log in to the SIGNIUS platform.

  2. Go to "Account Settings" (cogwheel in the upper right corner) and select the appropriate signature package depending on your order (Advanced Signatures, Advanced Signatures with KYC or Qualified Signatures).

  3. Activate the selected package by entering the activation code in the dedicated spot. Done!

Most impotant

  • You can buy as many VOUCHERS as you want.

  • When you buy signatures for other people, you simply pass them the activation code, which you will receive by e-mail. By using it, they will not incur any signing costs.

  • Activation of the code is extremely simple - you just enter it in a dedicated field on the platform and you're done.

  • For qualified signatures, online identity verification is included in the package price. Identity verification is done remotely and instantly.

Highest security

✔ We mark all signatures with a qualified timestamp and a qualified electronic seal, ensuring full security of the service.

✔ Signatures on our platform are provided in the LTV/LTA standard - allowing for long-term validation. This means that even after many years (including after your certificate has expired) they will be verified correctly.

✔ Our service is fully compliant with the European Union Regulation eIDAS, which means that your electronic signatures will be accepted throughout the European Union.

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