Tutorial videos

In this section you will find two instructional videos that will guide you through the express process of signing documents on the SIGNIUS Professional platform.

1. How to sign a document on the platform? Qualified signature step by step.

In this video, we demonstrate how to sign documents with a qualified signature for the FIRST TIME.

In the recording you will see, how to:

  • create an account on the SIGNIUS Professional platform

  • select and purchase a signature package

  • verify your identity ONLINE

  • add a document to sign

  • choose the type of signature (qualified or advanced)

  • send the document to others for signing

  • optionally buy signatures for your co-signers

  • confirm your signature via SMS

  • download the signed document

2. How to sign a document online in 1 minute?

Already have an account on the platform? In this video, you'll see how to sign a document with an advanced signature and send it to others to sign in just a few tens of seconds.

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