Downloading, previewing and deleting documents

Depending on their statuses and whether you are the owner of them, you can preview, download or delete the documents in the folder. To perform any of these actions, click the 3 dots visible to the right on the document grid.

Downloading a signed document

There are two ways to download a signed document:

  1. Click the "Download signed document" button, which is located on the document gris on the left, in the green box.

  2. Click the 3 dots under the document name and select "Download signed document."

Downloading multiple documents at once

You can also download all the signed documents in a folder at once. While in the folder, click the "download signed documents" button on the right side, above the documents.

Document previewing

To preview the document, hover your mouse over the card icon and then click on the loupe icon with a plus that appears in the center:

Deleting a document

To delete a document, click the 3 dots next to the documents name and select "Delete document".

If there are any signatures on the document, you will be asked, if you want to download it before deleting it.

It is not possible to delete documents sent to you by other people. You can only delete those that you have uploaded to the platform by yourself.

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